15 March, 2016
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Forget about traditional learning – Guerrilla e-Learning is here

Enabled by new technology and based on our constant need of new knowledge – Guerrilla e-Learning is not only for Entrepreneurs and Employees – but for all of us. What strategy do you have to stay competitive?

In the closing conference of the LEXSHA project Kenneth OE Sundin made a keynote presentation on the topic “Guerrilla e-Learning – an Entrepreneurial way of learning” in the University of Bordeaux, France. You can watch the presentation and learn more about the concept in this video:

You can also download the slide presentation for your own use by clicking the Download button:



Read previous article about Guerrilla e-Learning

Kenneth OE Sundin is Managing Director of SMEBOX and are now partner in a new project Erasmus+ called REAL – Reinforcing Entrepreneurship in Adult Learning – there SMEBOX is leading the work package of producing 48 animated videos and 48 learning modules in “Entrepreneurship”.

It would be very interesting if other producers of “Guerrilla-modules” could share your experiences with us – please drop us an e-mail on info @ smeacademy.se

Kenneth OE Sundin


15 March, 2016
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Next Round table – What can we do to support SMEs in Europe?

SME Academy is planning for a net based Round table on a very interesting topic. “What can we do to support SMEs in Europe”.

“We” in this case are members of the SME Academy Network and specially invited guests. If you have any suggestions for the content or guests to invite – please send us an e-mail on info @ smeacademy.se.MSE_ACADEMY_NETWORK

What we like to discuss and brainstorm about are new ideas and initiatives to add to the existing programs we can see today. Specially activities and events that can be created and held on line. What can be done in cooperation between different types of organizations? Can we find a model there we are not dependent on EU-funds or National funds?

Maybe the most challenging question is “Do SMEs need support?” and if the answer is YES, what kind of support are they looking for.

If you are interested in participating in the Round table – or to engage in the process before and after the event – please register and we will provide you with further information and an invitation to the group.



14 March, 2016
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Round table Workshops – 7-8 March

Thanks to all that attended our workshops!

In our workshops last week we managed to form several working groups that will create partnership applications in Erasmus+. (Deadline 31st March). Some participants already had draft ideas on projects, not at least some based on earlier projects and applications. The workshops was a mix of presentations of organizations and their experiences and competences and an “idea generator” in a very inspiring dialogue. For those who didn´t manage to attend – all presentations and other material have been sent out by e-mail.  The process will now continue to secure submission before the deadline. We wish you all good luck with your new projects!

ZoomLogo_2It was a great experience to use Zoom – as the video conferencing tool and we will continue to use Zoom in upcoming events. As other tools there is a number of different levels there the first level is free and the only limitation is the time of the meeting, limited to 40 minutes. In next level you pay 15 USD per month and it makes it possible to gather up to 50 participants using desktop, smart phones, tablets or just calling in to the meeting. Check Zoom out…

SME Academy and European Learning Network will continue to develop their cooperation and we will see more activities in the future. Join the SME Academy Network to receive further information and invitations.


Kenneth OE and Rajesh


26 February, 2016
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To few SMEs are doing business online across borders

In a recently presented report “The Digital Economy and Society Index” – DESI –  we can find the challenges we face in Europe when it comes to infrastructure, use and skills in ICT.

If we put focus on how the small businesses uses internet and the opportunities to be found in the Digital Economy it is actually dramatic. The report indicates SMEs on a low percentage – but a guess is that if we check the Micro Businesses it is even worse – or to take the positive perspective – SMEs in Europe carries a “Golden Nugget” of Business Development opportunities – that just waits to be released.

“e-Commerce, a missed opportunity for smaller businesses: 65% of European internet users shop online, but only 16% of SMEs sell online – and less than half of those sell online across borders (7.5%). To address this issue, the Commission presented proposals on digital contracts in December (press release) to protect consumers better who shop online and help businesses expand their online sales. The Commission will come with a legislative package in May to further boost e-commerce. It will include measures to address unjustified geo-blocking, to improve the transparency of cross-border parcel markets and to enforce EU consumer rules across borders better.” Quote from the EU-Commission press release – read it all here

As always the focus is on “DHL-parcels” sent across the borders – but the information regarding services are more limited. As we can see that not at least many start ups are setting up businesses in Digital Services (there the rules and regulations are even more difficult to understand and follow) we need to raise this in the dialogue to create an understanding in the needs of the European SME programs and funds.


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17 February, 2016
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Join our free online Round table to create Erasmus+ partnerships

As a part of the activities in SME Academy we arrange Work Shops and Round table sessions using digital platforms. Now it is time for opening up the doors and invite all interested organizations to participation in a “Round table Workshop”. Depending on how we can match interests and competences for new partnerships we will arrange several groups with 5-10 participants each. This event is organized in cooperation with European Learning Network – ELN.

The objective is to let new partners find each other and to form teams that manages an application to Erasmus+ partnership programs (or maybe the result could be other models and funding for collaboration) as the deadlines approaches.  Once you register for our “Round table Workshop” you will receive more detailed information about the activity as well as information about the partners in the work shop you will attend.

The date for this is 7th and 8th March 2016 – and the time will be decided based on number of participants and configuration of groups. Register now to secure your seat.



15 February, 2016
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European Learning Network – a new partner

We have the pleasure to wellcome European Learning Network with CEO Rajesh Pathek as a partner of SME Academy.

“ELN has a team of experts who have worked in education and industry in the UK, EU and Asia. With a broad knowledge of the Academic, VET (Vocational Education and Training) and Enterprise fields, we deliver skills programmes that define and develop the individual’s path to leadership” Read more about ELN here…

Our first joint task will be to host a number of “Round table Workshops” where we invite organizations around Europe to online meetings with the aim to form partnerships for the Erasmus+ program.

“The common interests in Entrepreneurship and our efforts to open doors to individuals to the world of entrepreneurship and business are a great base for the cooperation we start today” says Kenneth OE Sundin, Founder of SME Academy. “We always encourage our members of the SME Academy Network and the SME Academy itself to engage in active partnerships and cooperation in different activities and events.” he continues.

The online Round table Workshops will take place in beginning of March – and we will very soon start to send out invitations and also a short survey to determine interests and competences.

Kenneth OE Sundin

Kenneth OE Sundin – Inspirational Manager and Founder of SME Academy


26 January, 2016
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Struggling with your proposal writing?

Writing a winning proposal in the framework of EU-funded programs is not the easiest task you have come across.  Even as an experienced partner in EU-funded projects you need to adopt to new criteria and new challenges in each call for proposals.

For the moment it is not very hard to guess that many of you are in the process of writing Erasmus + projects and some are already submitted, as the different deadlines are spread over the year. Horizon 2020 also contains a lot of opportunities and not at least our key topics – SMEs and Entrepreneurship – are really in focus in Europe today.

To take part of the available opportunities you can choose basically 3 approaches:

  • Write the application yourself
  • Join an experienced partner that takes care of the application
  • Use an external consultant that writes it for you – and the partnership

There is a lot of information and documentation to study and criteria and formalities to understand, to be able to engage in the process.

We would like to share some examples with you:

Octopux Consulting is one well known organization in the field of supporting SMEs and other organizations in writing proposals. They are also arranging courses and workshops in how to write a winning project, how to manage and report EU-funded projects.  Next week there is a “Practical Kick-Off for Horizon 2020″ held in Brussels. Check the program here.


An other organization that serves as a very good example is BDF – Business Development Friesland that very often writes winning proposals in cooperation with their partners around Europe. This article is from their latest Newsletter:

“Also our own project writing efforts turned out to pay off. On behalf of the Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism (BAAT), we developed the CORRIE project proposal, aimed to create awareness on responsible tourism. We are happy and proud to say that the proposal was approved with 96 out of 100 on the Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership call in Bulgaria. Last months kick-off meeting in Porto, PT confirmed it: CORRIE promises to be a true success.”




What ever method you decide the next time you will write a proposal – we wish you the best of luck!



19 January, 2016
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FPA – Framework Partnership Agreements

Do you plan for your organization to be a partner in a consortium for “Erasmus for young Entrepreneurs“?

“The aim of this call is to select transnational consortia for long-term partnerships (2016-2021) in order to expand and strengthen the existing network of Intermediary Organisations (IOs) which act as local contact points for newly established entrepreneurs as well as experienced entrepreneurs in the participating erasmus-entrepreneurs-logocountries. Successful applicants will be awarded Framework Partnership Agreements (FPA)”

The application for FPA have a deadline in 5th April 2016. The intention of the program is to approve 20-30 FPAs and the number of partners in each should be 5-10. This gives a potential for 100-300 organizations to join and to work in the 5 year program – 2016 – 2021.

The SME Academy Network would like to encourage our members – and welcomes new members – to form a consortium and submit an application. Get the Call for Proposal PDF here and learn more about the criteria, content and how to apply.

The program which the FPA consortium will support aims at bringing new and experienced entrepreneurs together to share knowledge and to create a base for new businesses, using the European Inner Market as an opportunity.

If you want to know more – check the EASME website for details and registration to an information event in Brussels on 19th of February.

We ask all members to drop us an e-mail on info@smeacademy.se if you want to find partners for forming a consortium.

In case you are more interested in being a Host Entrepreneur or participate as a Young Entrepreneur – check the program website here.

Good Luck with your applications!



4 January, 2016
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Network Members in LEXSHA Conference

The LEXSHA project and the results was presented in an international conference in Bordeaux in the end of November 2015

Several of the SME Academy Network members were partners in the project that was managed by the University of Bordeaux with Amélie Peret from IUT/CRED as Project Manager.

The results of the project and the LEXSHA Virtual Campus platform with Entrepreneurs sharing knowledge and experience will be maintained and a consortium is formed to manage the further development.

If you are interested in knowing more or getting in touch with partners in the project – visit the project website LEXSHA:NET for further information and contact info.