Guerilla e-Learning or Knowledge as a Service?

Guerilla #eLearning and #Knowledge as a Service KaaS  have very much in common.

One of the differences might be the “learning approach” – Either you do it in a professional education perspective, with a curriculum, a strict pedagogical model, assessmentworkshop-745012_1280 of knowledge etc. Even if it is done in small stand alone learning modules it is still a kind of a formal training.

The other way around is the informal way of sharing knowledge – there the focus is to solve a problem or to tell a story rather than teach someone something. Depending on if you see yourself as a student or as a professional you will also probably look for different types of learning modules. I have been working with Entrepreneurs and Owners of Small Businesses for a long time and if they are the target group for your training sessions – you should choose the second one.

In their role as a business manager they are more interested in ideas, solutions and concrete answers to be used instantly in their business.They are not there just to learn for future use.

It is also very similar to how you choose a certain author to be your favorite. It is a mix of how the author is writing, the way he or she tells the story, explains the topic etc… Either you like it or not – and it is not always about weather the content is correct or not it is more about how you feel and react reading, listening or viewing the learning module.

We also in the pedagogical discussion talk about the different “Learning profiles” that we individuals have. What I experienced so far, one clear difference in the digital world is that you can choose to focus on a certain style of teaching/sharing/learning while you live in a room with your audience have to address all styles. If we like a lecturer or not and if we think they are skilled is often a matter of our own perception and actually it is indicating our learning profile.

Finally a conclusion of all this is that:

  • Find the sources you prefer and learn how to search for stuff there – Google will give you many options – but you very easily waste a lot of time searching and reviewing new sites
  • Find your favorite format – e-books, audios, videos or animations
  • Find your favorite Author(s) – and return to them – so you don´t have to get used to a voice or a way of writing every time
  • Build your own digital library – either with bookmarks – or as I do saving links in a Mind Map

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Kenneth OE Sundin – Inspirational Manager SME Academy