One of the reasons I engaged in creating a network for all working with the knowledge FOR and ABOUT small companies, for me Solo and Micro Enterprises, was that all the courses, books, articles etc – was just focusing the medium sized companies or most often the big ones.

When I started my first company in 1987 I was definitely a rookie – but I did n´t even think about what knowledge and experiences I might lack – I had my idea clear – I wanted to start my own company.

 Initially I off course faced some challenges – and I think I solved most of them, in my own way. I thought I was smart and my wife called me stubborn – and I have to admit she was right. But – this is the situation for most of us Entrepreneurs – we are stubborn and we only see opportunities and not problems.

This makes us try to invent the wheel every time we face a problem – instead of listening to someone with an experience in the matter we are struggling with. I think you agree on that learning from partners and customers is a core way for us Entrepreneurs to develop our competences and skills. Since I am very impatient and interested in new opportunities I did n¨t  stay to see my start up reach all the targets set. I even made some really big mistakes a long the road.

All of a sudden I found my self in the middle of organizations and associations working with the task of supporting entrepreneurs in not only starting companies, but running and developing them. In a very specific moment I realized that most people were thinking about enterprises as “big and rich” – not that most of the rules and regulations are formed for the bigger companies. I also noticed that very few people actually had an understanding on how it is to run a small company.

As I was very interested in learning from others I read a lot of books, and engaged in organizations, trainings, projects etc… and realized that almost everything said and written was targeting the bigger companies and not the small ones. Of course we have a lot to learn from not only different sectors but also different sizes of organizations, but it is definitely a difference between running a 1-10 employee company vs a big one with maybe 50-200-5000 employees. All organizations facing their own specific challenges.

So – I decided to do what I was able to in order to give the entrepreneurs and owners of small companies all the support I could.

SME-Publishing-LogoFirst of all I started a new company, SMEBOX, a Toolbox for SMEs… and after some years I understood I needed partners and colleagues to manage the huge task – and I formed the SME Academy that now opens up the SME Publishing – with a “Digital Tool and Bookshop” where you can find all kinds of ideas and shared knowledge and experience by successful entrepreneurs.

After this long story and background of SME Academy – this is what you get when joining us as an Entrepreneur:

  •   News and updates on all kinds of things going on around us all – that have an impact on the small companies.
  • Tips and suggestions of tools and models to use – both for your own development – but also in order to give your customers better service.
  • Concrete knowledge and shared experiences on a large number of topics and situations you might face in your business.
  • Free resources that you can use instantly – with very little effort.
  • Professionals and experienced entrepreneurs sharing their best tips, knowledge and experiences in videos, PDFs and other formats – easy for you to access and to implement in your business.
  • A great market place with practical, hands on and designed for small companies some “Digital Knowledge Products! that you can access any time, any place and at any device. Just in time!

We have gathered a lot of easy to use knowledge packages,  designed for small companies,  made by Entrepreneurs that can solve your problem and support you in a challenging situation.

Subscribe now – and you will get some real good tools for developing your business. Are you also interested in sharing your knowledge and experiences? Read more about being a Knowledge Provider here